Gaylie Cashman


   "The curious paradox

is that when I accept myself just as I am, 

then I can change."
              Carl Rogers

Credentials and Associations

  Portland Seminary         

  •    Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation
  •    Certificate of Spiritual Direction

  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  •   Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Program
  •   PRYT Group Facilitator Program
  • ​  PRYT 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

  Embodied Life School

  •    Embodied Life Mentorship Program 

  Memberships and Affiliations:

  •    Spiritual Directors International
  •    Christians Practicing Yoga 

About Gaylie

My approach to spiritual formation has to include my own life journey of transformation. In short, I began my adult life unaware of childhood patterns such as to deny essential parts of myself to try to please certain others. My unacceptable emotional pain got stuffed in my body, my own emotional junk drawer.  

By my late thirties, this pattern had taken its toll on my body. Being numb and sickly turned out to be the catalyst to look more closely at my life. Who was I, and who was God? I looked at my situations and beliefs about myself, and made some necessary changes in order to begin to heal. In hindsight, all of it was leading me to experience God’s loving kindness.

In my fifties, the gracious environment at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, now Portland Seminary, invited me to explore a widened perspective of Christianity. I experienced self-awareness through the lens of a loving God. Yet near graduation, I was still plagued by physical symptoms signaling the deep disconnection within my body.

The next step was completing two spiritually neutral programs that embrace embodiment as essential to true self-awareness and transformation. The Embodied Life School and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy both gave me practices to reconnect me to my body as my sacred home. I experienced how befriending my body, especially the emotionally stuffed parts of me, gave me the capacity to live more present and to navigate life with more God-given resources.

In blending both perspectives of Christian spirituality from seminary and the practices of embracing my embodiment, I found more meaning in my story and healing for my soul. I am grateful for the freedom that has emerged from experiencing my struggles through God’s mercy.

 In my personal life, I enjoy walks, time with family, and learning. My best teachers are my five grandchildren. I am grateful for, and in awe of my two adult children and their spouses. I've learned a lot about love being married for over twenty-five years to Dan!