Gaylie Cashman

Group Facilitator

Christian retreats  

​​​Group retreats are like embodied spiritual formation practiced in a community, yet mostly in the silence of your own soul. The movement and awareness practice supports befriending your body as a doorway to experience authentic spirituality in Christ.  

The retreats are a dedicated time to pause, to ‘re-treat’ your life with gentle loving attention and a consciousness of God's presence and tenderness. ​Neuroscience validates we need a pause from our mindless auto-pilot states to shift to a state of awareness and presence which holds our wisdom and inner resources. The practice supports prayerful listening and connecting with the inner witness of the Holy Spirit.  

Awareness is the first step to change. Awareness happens when we are present and paying attention. In the practice, the intention is to pause, pay attention, and "be still and know I am God." Psalm 46:10.

What happens on a group retreat?
After everyone is welcomed, there will be a preliminary talk about the nature of the practice and the theme, followed by a guided movement, or embodied contemplative practice.

The embodied contemplative practice will be guided in reverential silence on a mat. With respect for the interior nature of the practice your eyes are resting on your own space or softly closed. Woven with language from Scripture and Christian wisdom to support the theme, you will be guided into easy gentle movement, self-reflection, and listening practices. You will be invited to become more aware of your body, more present to your life, and connected to the One who created you. 

Themes of some previous retreats:

  •  Living into the Relentless Love of God​
  •  Experience an Embodied Contemplative Way
  •  A Self Reflective Lenten Practice

Length of retreats:

  •  Some group retreats are one 2-hour event.
  •  Some group retreats are a weekly series from four to eight weeks. 
  •  Retreats are 1 1/2 - 2 hours each gathering. ​